A Personal Perspective

I was officially installed as Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church in November 1986 following a very effective and fruitful pastorate at the Second Congregational Church, United Church of Christ in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

Because I was reared in a strong Christian environment at home and at church it taught and instilled in me a manner that is unashamedly Christian and unapologetically African American. Hence my ministry is informed by the demands of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The passion for and commitment to the least, the lost and the left out is inspired in part by the apostle Paul who declared…”For necessity is laid upon me; woe unto me if I preach not the gospel” (1 Cor. 9:16). It is also fueled by the resounding voices of the heroes and sheroes of history as well as my own African heritage.

  • Hence: My passion to address the needs of the whole child.

My passion and commitment to quality education: Scholarship Ministry

My love and devotion for the Church of the living God Both local and Universal


On a more personal note, God has blessed me to experience fatherhood at a level beyond measure.My daughter Lara has grown into an industriously fine woman. One with whom I look   forward to spending quality time.       


Being a dedicated pastor of a congregation of over 500 members, it is necessary to find moments of balance in my life so I can be constantly  energized to keep the momentum of my work. To help me do this I have  a few hobbies that provide me with adventure, enjoyment, and relaxation. 

Ballooning with friends in Arizona.  

 A moment of relaxation in Barbados.

Standing next to my 1966 SL230 classic car that I restored and am privileged to have entered into several car shows.

 God has granted me a unique privilege to Pastor a congregation of which many I can call “friend”. They allow me to be a person as well as a Pastor. "For all that I am thankful."

Officiating the wedding in Cancun, Mexico of a young woman who  I baptized when she was 10 years of age.

Finally, ministry is both a blessed opportunity and a privilege. It is an opportunity for me to walk in the way of wisdom, and a privilege to share my life with others.  The journey is good and rewarding!