Scholarship Ministry

Scholarship Ministry 

 “For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul. Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you” (Proverbs 2:10-11)

The Scholarship Ministry provides financial assistance to enhance the ability of students to achieve their academic goals and develop skills needed for the future. The following scholarships and awards are presented annually to qualified students inside and outside Macedonia.


  • Merit-Based
  • Macedonia Higher Education Assistance Program (MHEAP)
  • Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU)
  • Macedonia Emergency Assistance Program
  • High School Education Assistance Program


  • Deacon Joseph Pedlar
  • Bakari Lake-Sample
  • Dr. Joseph E. Bowman, Jr. Memorial Educational Scholarship

 Macedonia Youth January 2015

The Macedonia Scholarship Ministry provides support to help talented students from the Capital District Region pursue higher education. 

 To review the Macedonia Scholarship Fund Policy for Establishing Scholarships and Awards, click the following link:

Macedonia Scholarship Fund Scholarships and Awards Policy

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The Macedonia Merit Scholarship: This is a merit-based scholarship for Capital District region high school seniors. This is a one-time non-renewable award. Annual application deadline is April 15th.

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 Macedonia Higher Education Assistance Program (MHEAP): For active youth members of the Macedonia Church Family who will pursue higher education immediately after graduating from high school (i.e., graduate from high school in May/June and attend college in August/September).  Financial support is provided each fall and spring semester beginning with the freshman year and continuing to graduation.  The MHEAP funds assist with the purchase of books, tuition, housing and/or college fees.  Annual application deadline is September 30th for the fall semester and January 30th for the spring semester.

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 Historically Black Colleges and Universities Award (HBCU): For active youth members of Macedonia Baptist Church who will pursue higher education at an HBCU institution upon graduating from high school.  This award was established to help encourage students to attend and experience these institutions of higher learning.  Annual application deadline is April 15th.

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Macedonia Emergency Assistance Award: This is to help active youth undergraduate student members of Macedonia Baptist Church if they are in good academic standing with their higher education institution, and are experiencing financial difficulties. The student must present evidence of need. This is a one-time only award.

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 Macedonia High School Education Assistance Program(HSEAP): This is to assist high school students who are in “good academic standing” and are experiencing financial difficulties in acquiring tools needed to perform their schoolwork.

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Honoring Education 
Honor someone special or memorialize a loved one

Giving in honor of a loved one is an extraordinary way to pay tribute to them during this season of giving.  The Macedonia Scholarship Ministry is offering an opportunity to give a generous donation to support scholarships awarded to students in the Capital Region.     

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Macedonia Scholarship Ministry and today the Scholarship Ministry, remains committed supporting students in their pursuits of higher education and vocational training.  Macedonia students are supported through the Higher Education Assistance Program, given to graduating seniors meeting the eligibility criteria. The Merit Scholarship and the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Award offer financial support to students throughout the Capital District. Your contribution would be applied to support these awards and scholarships.

Take comfort in knowing your generosity honors your loved one by significantly supporting students in the greater Capital District.   

Thank you.

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