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We believe that what we do within each ministry should flow purposefully out of what we value and love. No matter who you are, your interests, or your gifts, you'll find a place to help you experience God. 


Ushers are often the first voice and the first interaction visitors experience at a Church.  They are responsible for bringing comfort, compassion, and the spirit of God’s blessings to all who enter Macedonia’s doors.  Their overall mission is to be of service to the church family, when needed, in order to further the Lord’s message of loving one another even as God has loved us.

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The Culinary/Hospitality Ministry works diligently to show its care, compassion, and love for God’s people by providing nutritious and delicious food.   The Ministry’s high standards are: 

  • To glorify God in all we do through food service; 
  • To establish and fulfill service requirements for the various ministries of the Church; 
  •  To provide food and beverage for activities taking place at the Church; and 

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The role of the Utilization of Talents and Gifts Ministry is vital to the sustainability of Macedonia Baptist Church.  The Ministry is responsible for surveying the congregation and identifying individuals that are able, willing, and committed to God’s service.  

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The Memorial Ministry’s mission is to record and preserve Macedonia’s history.  Each member of Macedonia contributes to the fabric of the Church.  The Church’s history is a reflection of the various members’ contributions over time.  The Memorial Committee Ministry is committed to keeping the memories of those members who have transitioned to Glory alive.

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Working along with the Pastor, the Board of Trustees of Macedonia Baptist Church (“The Trustee Board”) is responsible for managing the fiscal affairs of the Church, subject to the regulation by the laws of the State of New York.  The Trustee Board ensures the Church will be able to meet its financial goals and objectives in fulfilling the spiritual needs of the congregation and the greater community which it serves. 

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 The Audiovisual Ministry was created to: (1) ensure that God’s Word and our praise is seen and heard clearly, without distraction or interference within our Church and throughout the world as it is broadcast with the highest video and audio quality available; and (2) provide audiovisual support to all programs/services (worship, weddings, funerals, etc.) and special events such as workshops, training programs, etc. held at Macedonia Baptist Church. Just as everyone learns differently, we all experience God differently.  This ministry wants to provide people with as many avenues as possible to assist in understanding God’s Word and sharing in the community of faith. 

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Christian Education: The Christian Education Ministry is the teaching arm of the church and is responsible for planning and developing the Christian Education programs for the church including Bible Study, Sunday School, and Vacation Bible School.  It participates in various associations to acquire and disseminate knowledge that promotes and improves Christian Education.

Sunday School: Under the guidance of the Christian Education Ministry, Sunday School’s purpose is to train, equip and motivate people while nurturing their spiritual growth. It is a place to learn more about God and His love for us as well as ask questions to fulfill our curiosity about God and his plan of salvation. 

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  • Youth: All youth of Macedonia are members of the Youth Ministry.  This ministry is fulfilled through Christian fellowship, Christian education, and the provision of cultural and educational activities designed to encourage, educate, and guide our youth so they can reach their full potential.

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J.O.Y. (Just Older Youth): The JOY Ministry, also known as The Seniors Ministry, promotes a Christian Fellowship that supports and addresses the needs and interests of members over the age of 60.

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The purpose of the Communications Ministry is to develop and execute a communications plan that clearly articulates Macedonia’s vision and acts as a catalyst to increase the visibility and membership of the Church.

The focus is to reach members, potential members, visitors, and the general public by promoting Macedonia’s activities including its Worship Services, Bible Study, Community Engagement, Special Events, and Partnerships utilizing appropriate media.

The Communications Ministry also serves as a filter to ensure that communications within and outside Macedonia follow a consistent, uniform process and format by providing tools and guidance to make it easier for the ministries to communicate precisely.

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Working along with the Pastor, the Security Ministry of Macedonia Baptist Church is responsible for managing the security affairs of the Church, subject to the regulation by the laws of the State of New York. 

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