Feb 6, 2022

    “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”  ~ Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



    Program Overview: 

    Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) were established to provide an avenue for the higher education of free Blacks and former slaves, who were often denied access to the halls of white institutions. These institutions, more often than not, had fewer material resources, such as textbooks and laboratory supplies; but had an unwavering commitment to the education and advancement of black students. As a result, HBCUs have provided society, black communities in particular, with a slew of professionals: doctors, teachers, lawyers, preachers, scientists, engineers, nurses, social workers and other professionals. Today, HBCUs continue to be an avenue for quality and affordable education for black students as well as students of other races. 

    As a community of faith, Macedonia Baptist Church supports and encourages matriculation at an HBCU institution. The Macedonia Scholarship Fund Committee offers semester-based scholarship awards (fall and spring semesters) to members of the church who attend an HBCU upon graduation.  

    While a particular Grade Point Average is not required for high school seniors to initially attain the award, the expectation is clear that the student must be academically capable of successfully completing college courses. This scholarship is intended to reward success and hard work. The committee has the discretion to determine if a student’s academic success warrants the continued granting of scholarship funds. 

    Subsequently, after the close of each semester, recipients must provide a copy of their transcript along with proof of continued matriculation, in order to continue receiving funds.  Students are awarded the funds each semester, for up to a maximum of four years or eight semesters of study not to exceed the amount specified by the committee. 

    These funds may be used to purchase books, assist with college tuition, or other items required for college matriculation, such as fees.  All checks will be made payable to the HBCU and mailed directly to the institution by the Scholarship Fund Committee, based on intended need or use.   

    Eligibility Criteria:   

    The HBCU Award is available to active youth student members who exemplify the following characteristics: 

    1. Academic Achievement - Acceptance to an accredited HBCU institution.
    2. Leadership - Serve in a leadership position(s) in school, religious organizations, community, and/or civic organizations.
    3. Character - Serve as a positive role model for their peers through attitude and conduct.
    4. Community Service - Exhibit admirable qualities of good citizenship through community/civic volunteerism.
    5. Personal Poise - Able to articulate goals, abilities, shortcomings, and reasons for pursuing a particular career path. 

    High school students must submit a copy of course registration by September 30th in order to receive the award for the first semester of enrollment. Returning college students must submit a copy of their fall semester course registration no later than September 30th, along with a copy of their transcript from the previous semester; and this information must also be submitted by January 30th in order to receive the next HBCU Award disbursement for the spring semester; spring course registration and a copy of your transcript from the previous semester.

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