High School Assistance Award

    Feb 6, 2022

    Reverend Michael-Aaron Poindexter, Pastor

    Macedonia Baptist Church 
    26 Wilson Avenue
    Albany, New York 12205

    Phone:  (518) 489-4370   Website:  www.macedoniaofalbany.org


    Program Overview:

    The Macedonia Baptist Church family is committed to assisting active students in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations as well as improving the quality of life for themselves, their families through education. To that end, the Macedonia Baptist Church Scholarship Fund Committee established a trust in a designated amount to assist high school students who are in “good academic standing” and are experiencing financial difficulties. The student must present evidence of need when applying for the award. The check, for this “one-time-only” award, will be made payable to and mailed directly to the high school as specified.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    1. Enrolled as a full-time junior or senior high school student in “good academic standing”, on the date of the request for assistance.

    2. Expense must be one that is unavoidable, and the student has no practical means of acquiring funds by the time needed.

    Procedure and Award Process:

    1. A student requesting assistance must complete a High School Assistance Award application and prepare a detailed letter summarizing circumstances necessitating assistance, the amount of funds requested, and a clear statement that explains the consequences if financial assistance is not received. Sufficient evidence of need must be provided to be approved for the funds. Upon completion of the application and letter, both documents should be mailed to the attention of the Chair of the Macedonia Scholarship Fund Committee at Macedonia Baptist Church, 26 Wilson Avenue, Albany, New York 12205.

    2. The High School Assistance Subcommittee will review the documents and submit recommendation(s) to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee who will meet with the Pastor for discussion and decision.

    3. If the request is denied, a reason will be shared with the applicant. If the request is approved, the Chair of the Macedonia Scholarship Fund will arrange for the payment to be payable to and mailed directly to the designated institution.

    Note: No high school awards shall be granted once the allocated amount in the annual Scholarship
    budget is exhausted.

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