Church Vision & Mission



  •   Faith in Action


  • To nurture a community where men, women, boys, and girls may find God and be found of God.  We are called to address the needs of the whole person by activating our commitment to worship, preaching, teaching, community engagement, and economic development.

We trust that God will lead and guide us in achieving our mission.  It is this faith that provides the foundation for the Church’s redemptive work and has shaped the following strategies:   

  • Providing spiritual development through actions such  as evangelism, further developing cohesiveness and a spirit of hospitality within the faith communities, expanding  Vacation Bible School, and promoting a spirit of inclusion/participation in a redemptive purpose;
  • Offering educational opportunities such as workshops, seminars, and conferences on topics that address the needs of the whole person, i.e., academic preparedness, youth development, moral leadership, financial planning, and job readiness;
  • Improving economic development through actions such as expanding the Church’s media ministry and catering capacity, and establishing a publications outlet/bookstore; and

Conducting outreach activities to develop/enhance partnerships with community organizations and to provide assistance to the needy. 

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